Can you learn professional drawing or painting or do you need a special talent?

academy cast zeichenkurs 02 - Can you learn professional drawing or painting or do you need a special talent?

In general, it is possible to learn almost anything. Just like with sports, music, reading and writing, you need fundamental knowledge of the basic rules and a lot of training to be successful. Having talent surely can be helpful.

But what exactly is talent? Wikipedia speaks of “outstanding aptitude”, which is the ability to “do a certain kind of work at a certain level”. We dare to claim, that talent by itself is not all you need to become a successful artist. Enthusiasm, motivation and ambition are crucial – they make all the difference. You must have your own personal goal.

Still, drawing or painting a human body or an object, which can be identified as such, can be learned by anyone. This is our main principle. We offer the knowledge and experience to train you properly: Measurement, proportions, anatomy, color theory, light and shadow, etc.

Drawing or painting and then selling your works sounds like an enjoyable and lucrative job.

Many talented artists don’t see a problem there at all. But each and every one, trying to make it in the art industry, needs special training and know-how, for achieving quality and perfection. Most of the old masters had 10-14 years of education and still hadn’t finished their training.

How to define the craft of painting and drawing? We see it as a combination of a gift, knowing how to “see” things in nature, looking at things selectively and precisely and a lot of systematic training. All those things can be learned! A lot of our students and alumni are surprised by how much they achieved during their studies. After being provided with crucial knowledge and skills, most of them surpassed their own expectations.

Join our academy and become a professional artist!

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