How to draw in 3D?

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3D effect – How to make it look real

Today we´ll show you how to draw a 3D ball! Our teacher, Ricky Larsson, recorded himself while drawing a 3-dimensional sphere.
We hope you´ll enjoy watching and drawing this 3D ball.
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How to Create 3D Drawings

You can actually start in many different ways, for example, with the basic shapes by drawing at first a circle. Ricky has chosen to draw the background and then make the ball emerge from it. He uses the surroundings of the sphere to create its shape. To draw, he uses a pencil, pencil eraser, and an art eraser. When drawing the background, he gradually creates the shape of the sphere, paying attention to the symmetry of the contour of the sphere.

3D Drawing – Light and shadow

3D Drawing depends on lights and shadows. To make something look realistic, you have to understand light/shadow relationships and observe the object very carefully. Where is the brightest part of the object? How are the shades from the brightest to the darkest part distributed? For this purpose, you can use a scale of gray shades. I´d recommended you to draw the scale yourself in order to get a feeling and practice how to draw the different tonalities. This is essential indeed, because your ability to draw these tonalities, decide how 3-dimensional and realistic your ball will look in the end.

academy 3d effekt schattierung 01 - How to draw in 3D?

Furthermore, you have to see where the darkest shadows, the reflected light and the shadows of the object itself are.

3D Drawing: the realistic drawing of the background is very important

The realistic drawing of the background should not be neglected. The background enhances the 3D effect of the sphere. Ricky darkens the background over and over again and adjusts the tonalities step by step as he draws the shadows in the ball.

3D Drawing is fun and takes practice! Stay tuned!

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