Live session at Boesner

academy boesner demo 02 - Live session at Boesner

Our live session of portrait painting in oil was a great success!

Our live session has aroused a lot of interest. We published the news and only a few days later the tickets were sold out. During our live “performance” the audience was simply enthusiastic.

We even draw a sketch live! We have to thank Chao Zhu for that!

academy boesner demo 01 1024x576 - Live session at Boesneracademy boesner demo 03 1024x576 - Live session at Boesneracademy boesner demo 04 1024x576 - Live session at Boesner

We also would like to invite you to participate in the event to show you step by step how to paint a portrait with oil.

Before our teacher Ricky Larsson started to paint, he had already prepared the canvas. The technique is called “Imprimatura”. If you don´t know what that is, then you can read our post: “How to prepare a canvas?“.

Ricky began sketching the profile of our live model Michelle with a paintbrush on the canvas in the color of the underground Raw Umber. With the help of light and shadow, the sketch became a realistic and 3-dimensional image of the person.

Afterward, Ricky mixed the colors of the drapery and applied them on the canvas. Then he mixed the facial colors and set them, taking into account the tonalities that result from light and shadow.

We have made a sort of summary with the help of pictures which will show you, step-by-step, how to paint a portrait in oil. Enjoy it!

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