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You can finally study realistic painting and drawing here in Germany!

Those who want to learn realistic painting and drawing, know how difficult it is to find a good art school or art academy in Germany, where you can study realistic painting and drawing professionally. In Germany, there are many public or private art colleges, which offer a variety of study programs. However, students wishing to study there must show their artistic skills in an art portfolio in order to be admitted.

Due to the shortened lesson plan of the public institutions and today’s modern influences, the tradition of realistic drawing and painting is going lost. However, this classic craft is the basis for every artist. No matter whether you look at the old masters or at the living “new” masters, you will always have to acquire this basic knowledge at the beginning of your training. Art students who wish to study drawing and painting today in Germany either have to laboriously acquire techniques by themselves or go abroad to study at private academies in the USA, Spain, Italy or Russia.

However, this doesn´t mean that the demand for realistic art as well as the desire to learn realistic painting and drawing does not exist in Germany. On the contrary! Realistic artworks and the study of realistic art are both highly demanded!

The Academy of Fine Art Germany was founded exactly for this reason. Learning from nature, meaning drawing from a model or a still life, is a challenging and meaningful training which will sharpen your senses and enable you to see colors, shapes, proportions, composition, light and shadow in a better way and to create a 3D effect. Here you can learn all the things listed above and much more!

We are committed to the mission of bringing this lost tradition back to Germany. Our motto is “Anyone can learn to draw and paint realistically!”

Sign up right away! What are you waiting for?

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