Digital painting – Photoshop Realistic Paint Technique

academy digitales malen 01 - Digital painting - Photoshop Realistic Paint Technique

Digital Painting: painting and drawing in the digital world

Our new teacher Tobias Nilsson is passionate about digital painting. For him, it is relaxing to sit in front of a computer and to create artworks with Photoshop following the traditional methods of classical painting, but giving them an additional modern character. Digital painting offers many possibilities, in particular, for illustrations or character design. During his traditional art studies at the Florence Academy of Fine Art Sweden, he worked as a freelance illustrator. During this time, he created several digital works. In this post, you can learn more about painting and drawing in the digital world.

Digital painting combines tradition with modernity

Digital painting is the process of painting on the computer using graphics software such as Photoshop. You use different tools that imitate digitally the drawing and painting. Instead of paper or canvas, the computer is the new medium for painting and drawing. The basics of painting and drawing are applied digitally.

Digital Painting: traditional realistic painting in Photoshop

Digital painting is about using a variety of media filters, that can make photos resemble an oil painting, watercolor, etc. To do so, traditional drawing and painting techniques are imitated with different tools.

Digital painting programs try to mimic the use of physical media through various brushes and drawing pencils. There are also certain effects which portray the realistic effects of, for instance, watercolor or oil painting. Digital Painting enthusiasts have at their disposal tools such as canvas, drawing tools, mixed palettes and a variety of color options.

Digital painting: from the classical art world to the digital one

Draw taking inspiration from nature, learn from it, let it mix with your fantasy and emerge in this digital world in a modern way!

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