Drawing and painting like the Old Masters

academy alte meister 01 - Drawing and painting like the Old Masters

Drawing and painting like the Old Masters at the Academy of Fine Art Germany

The tradition of classical European realistic painting was completely lost in Germany. However, it has recently found its way back to Germany, thanks to the Academy of Fine Art Germany.

The tradition passed down from one generation of artists to the other

Thanks to our artists and teachers Ricky Larsson and Tobias Nilsson, the classical art education is back in Germany. Both have studied at The Florence Academy of Fine Arts Sweden and have successfully completed their studies. Ricky Larsson has developed a study program for the Academy of Fine Arts Germany, which follows the methods and traditions of this classical art education and guarantees the quality of a traditional study.

Old masters and their students

The tradition of classical and realistic drawing and painting has been handed down in over 200 years, through four generations of artists. Ricky Larsson and Tobias Nilsson were students of Joaquin Ericsson and Andreas Birath. Andreas Birath was born in 1974 in Sweden. He began his art studies in 2002 at The Florence Academy of Fine Arts Sweden and is currently director of a branch office of the Academy. Both were students of Daniel Graves, founder of The Florence Academy of Fine Art Sweden. He was born in New York and a student of Nerina Simi, from whom he learned the classical painting of the 19th century. Nerina Simi was the daughter of the painter Filadelfo Simi, who was born in Florence and studied with Jean-Léon Gerôme. Jean-Léon Gerôme took part in the development of the famous drawing course of Charles Bargue, the “Cours de dessin”, with which our students begin to learn realistic drawing.

We are happy to bring this classic tradition back to Germany and to let this cultural heritage live on and to pass it on to the next generations!

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