Learn how to paint: why and what do you draw?

academy zeichnen lernen 03 - Learn how to paint: why and what do you draw?

Learn to Draw: Why do you draw and what draws you the most?

Drawing is a deep need for many people, who draw for many different reasons. The motivation is as individual as the drawer himself/herself.

Some people draw to create something beautiful, others to express their emotions, and others to entertain people. Whatever the motivation is, drawing is the strongest and most powerful form of communication that we humans have.

What is your motivation?

Tell us what motivates you to draw. It’s very exciting to find out what are the reasons why people decide to learn to draw and to talk about it. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

What and how do you like to draw?

What is the thing you like to draw the most? Is it the human body that you find interesting? Are portraits of celebrities? Is it the 3D effect? Or do you love to be outside and draw landscapes or cities?

How do you draw? Do you prefer to draw from photos or copies? Do you draw directly from an object, that is, from nature? Standing or sitting? And what kind of materials do you use?

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