Painting and drawing like Jean-León Gerôme

academy malen jean leon gerome 01 - Painting and drawing like Jean-León Gerôme

A great master of his time – largely forgotten until revived recently

Painting and drawing like Jean-León Gerôme. Who is that? One of the great Old Masters of the 19th century, who was forgotten for a while. The French history painter was at that time, and generations after that, very important for the realistic painting.

The lucky rediscovery in the Städel museum!

In 2009, an unknown painting was identified in the depot of the Städel Museum in Frankfurt as the work of the Old Master Jean-León Gerôme, as reported by Art Magazine 2011. The magazine wrote: “The scene has something touching: An old man with a long white beard, wearing only a loincloth, sleeps deeply. He has made himself comfortable on the flank of a huge male lion, the right-hand rests on a paw of the predator, which is also completely relaxed. The halo surrounding the head of the old man, however, makes it clear that this is a special symbiosis: It is St. Jerome, who had pulled a thorn out of the paw of the lion, who then became his pet. The painting “Saint Jerome” (69 x 93 cm) dates from 1847 and is exhibited in the Städel Museum.

academy malen jean leon gerome 02 - Painting and drawing like Jean-León Gerôme

Painting and drawing as in the 19th century.

The co-founder of the famous drawing course “Cours de dessin” by Charles Bargue, has dedicated his life to the perfected craftsmanship of realistic painting. At the age of 51, he was chosen to be part of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The history painter undertook intensive study while creating his works, which have been influencing since then our imagination, for example about gladiator fights.

We are pleased to introduce to you this great artist and teacher of the realistic and historical painting of the 19th century!

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