Realistic painting and drawing? How fascinating!

academy cast kohle zeichnung 02 - Realistic painting and drawing? How fascinating!

Realistic painting and drawing? WOW!

Being able to paint and draw realistically is probably the highest artistic and manual target humans can achieve. It is fascinating to look at a realistic work as a whole and, at the same time, at its details. At first, the entire painting is what impresses us, but then, only if you give a look at the details you can truly appreciate the work of the artist.

Why are we fascinated by realistic art?

Realistic painting and drawing is the perfect imitation of nature. We are amazed by new things and by what the human hands can create. The realistic representation of nature is something that is artificially created by humans and artfully and technically mastered. The artist awakens through the artwork a particular mood or emotion in us.

Realistic painting and drawing – high artistic and technical requirements!

For the realistic representation, we first learn to see and perceive “correctly”. To do so, we learn measuring techniques, as well as, painting and drawing techniques for proportions, shapes, lights and shadows, color nuances and tonalities.

When you learn to paint and draw realistically, you first concentrate on the pure craftsmanship in order to be able to master it. With the development of this ability, you learn more and more to appreciate nature and you start considering it as a source of inspiration and looking at it with new eyes, the eyes of an artist. At this stage, you develop the ability to artistically put into practice what you see. You no longer focus only on the painting and drawing techniques. They become necessary skills that the artist has to possess, however, the way you see and perceive things becomes the most important thing.

From perception to the finished work!

For a beautiful work of art, you need more than pure craftsmanship. It´s crucial to acquire the know-how on how to set up the objects, create certain effects, which can be achieved by light and shadow so that you can arise special feelings in the observer.

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