Still life painting: Nutella, Pumpkin and Madonna

academy stillleben malen 01 - Still life painting: Nutella, Pumpkin and Madonna

A fusion between traditional realistic painting and modernism!

We present you this series of still life paintings, which are realized remaining loyal to the traditional realistic style, however with a dash of modernity. The headphones series by the Swedish artist Ricky Larsson.

It all began when Ricky Larsson began to combine his three favorite things on the canvas: the love for classic traditional realistic painting, the love for modern objects and the love for music.

The result of this is the series of artworks with the Nutella glass, the pumpkin and the Madonna. All three works have in common the iconic headphones of our generation, the classic depiction of still life and the traditional style of painting. The arrangement of these modern objects is the most exciting part for the artist.

academy stillleben malen 02 - Still life painting: Nutella, Pumpkin and Madonna

Ricky Larsson – a professional and international artist.

He was born in Sweden in 1982. He studied classical painting and drawing at the Florence Academy of Art Sweden from 2012 to 2015 and successfully completed his studies. During this time, he received several awards from the Florence Academy of Art Sweden for his exceptional work.

The Florence Academy of Art has been, up to now, the largest and oldest academy that teaches this traditional handcraft to international students.

At the Academy of Fine Art Germany, Ricky teaches to our full-time and part-time students and is responsible for the lesson plan and program.

Painting Still Life: How do I do that and what should I pay attention to?

In our post “How do I paint a still life?” you can read about how to proceed in still life painting step by step and what you should pay attention to. From the composition of still life to the effective use of light and shadow, to painting with oil paints.

You can watch the video of Ricky Larsson painting. Have fun!

Painting still life – the classical tradition of painting in our modern times!

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