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Fantasy merges into Reality!

Surrealism unleashes our imagination and mixes it with reality. It is a world that uses realism to break away from it. This art movement received important impulses from the psychoanalysis developed by Siegmund Freud, which deals in particular with the interpretation of dreams and with the subconscious.

Surrealism – what’s that?

Surrealism literally means “above realism”. In art, this art direction should visually express the imaginary, the unconscious, the absurd and the fantastic, thus leading to the discovery of new horizons, new experiences, and insights. Something surreal looks imaginary and unreal. Surrealism represents an anarchist, revolutionary view of the world and of art that breaks free from logic, rationality, and conventions. The surrealists explored new media and created abstract works composed of undefined, often unrecognizable, shapes and symbols.

academy surrealismus malen 02 - Surrealism

Surrealistic painting – the artist René Magritte

René Magritte ranks among the key figures of Surrealism. He was born in 1898. At the age of 12, he began drawing and painting, and he later studied at the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts. Over the years Magritte decided to “paint the objects only with their eye-catching details”. The artist described his art not as part of the dream world, on the contrary. The “dreams” he creates are very different from those we have in our sleep. They are more like self-made dreams, vague as the feelings you have when you fall asleep. Dreams that do not want to put you to sleep but to wake you up. One of his works can be seen up here in the post, and it is titled “Personal Values”. Another work that you see at the end of the post is titled “La reproduction interdite” (Not to Be Reproduced).

Painting in the genre of surrealism – a journey into unreality!

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