Which painting surface do you prefer when painting?

academy stillleben malen 03 - Which painting surface do you prefer when painting?

The painting should last forever!

When learning to paint is also very important to know the different surfaces, in order to achieve the best possible painting result. The surface also determines how long your work is going to last. There are many different surfaces that you can use and try out.

What material do you prefer to paint on?

Is it wood, stone, metal, plastic, glass, canvases, or paint boards? Have you already found out which is your favorite material? Or are you still looking for it and trying out new ones?

Share your experiences with us in this post! We look forward to the interesting exchange of ideas with you!

Are there any surfaces you haven’t tried yet?

Do you want to expand your experience? We have briefly summarized the main characteristics of each surface for you.

Wood: it is a rigid and non-flexible medium of painting. It is very important to pay attention to the drying time, as wood is organic and is constantly “working”. You can use particleboard, MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) and plywood, as surfaces. It is important that you use warped and untreated wood.

Stone: the stone slabs should have a rough surface, as the paint doesn’t bond well with smooth surfaces, which could lead to thicker layers of paint.

Glass, metal and plastic boards: should be roughened with a little piece of sandpaper. For these materials, a good foundation is very important. There are special adhesive layers for each material as liquid or spray.

Canvases: are light and available in different sizes. They are flexible and should be prepared before painting. Here’s our tutorial on how to prepare a canvas for oil painting.

Painting boards: whoever begins to learn to paint will probably first practice on painting cardboards and paperboards. They cost less than canvas and are made of solid carton. The leaves are coated and provided with a canvas-like structure.

Learn to paint: tell us what you like to paint!

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