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When stars become painters

Buying or selling art is a very lucrative market and during the last years, more and more celebrities have started to enter and to be part of this market. Each year several stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Sylvester Stallone attend the art fair Art Basel.

But that’s not all: in fact, more and more celebrities are becoming painters themselves, an activity they do alongside with the acting one, with more or less success.

A great example in Germany is Otto Waalkes, one of the most famous and popular comedians of this country. In the 70s, “Otto” studied art education and painting, financing the study with his stage performances. His “Ottifants”, at first simple stick figures, soon became a cult and later even a cartoon. Today, Otto’s works can be found in well-known galleries.

The all-round talent Udo Lindenberg has made a name for himself in the art scene, beside his career as a singer. He even invented his own patented art movement: the so-called Likörelle (liqueur color) painting with liqueur. Simple drawings of Lindenberg now cost hundreds of euros, original watercolors paintings even thousands of euros.

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Judging objectively the artworks of celebrities is mostly difficult

There are celebrities we can use as examples, including names you would hardly believe: Vladimir Putin, Johnny Depp, Prince Charles… The latter don´t show their works in public. Because the expectations of the audience and critics are very high, especially for stars. And to judge objectively the artworks of celebrities is not easy: it is indeed difficult to separate the person from their work.

The former porn star Dolly Buster dedicates herself now to painting. Only a few days ago she presented her paintings in a gallery in Oberursel. Her subjects, mostly erotic depictions, are appreciated by the audience. Of course, the celebrity bonus is not to be underestimated here. And the more evident it is, the more valuable the work will be in the end. For a limited “McCartney” copy you could pay up to thousands of euros – but not only fans are ready to pay for it.

Bilder: Copyright @Facebook Otto Waalkes

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