What is “good” art?

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A passionate and controversial debate in art is the question of what art actually is. Since the field of art is huge, we only want to take into consideration painting in this article. Is art – or more precisely painting – a craft that has to be mastered? The following question may be: Can you judge art? Can you say what “good art” and “bad art” is or can you even say that some works cannot be defined as art? Of course, we all have different opinions and, in particular in this case, no one has the “correct” answer because there is no universal definition of art.

Can you judge art?

And yet, don´t we have criteria that we can use to judge art? Why are some painters very famous and others are not? Nowadays the profession of an art critic or a gallerist is quite widespread. They are people who classify art, judge it and sell it according to its “value”.  An artwork has a higher value, of course, if it has certain technical characteristics, which you can learn here at the “Academy of Fine Art Germany”. Characteristics that will enable you to paint and draw “correctly”, for example, in terms of proportions, light, and shadow, etc.

Is this art or does it belong in the bin?

There are often different opinions when it comes to abstract art. When we talk about classical art, for example, about a work of Monet or of van Gogh, hardly anyone would argue that that’s not “real” art. On the other hand, when we talk about abstract art, opinions differ incredibly. Many people, whether they are painters or not, have mixed feelings when standing in a museum in front of a painting in which only a few dots and dashes are painted or when they just have a blue canvas before their eyes. Such artworks leave many unanswered questions and are difficult to be understood. Some people are even annoyed and think: “I could have painted that myself.” On the contrary, those, who support abstract art believe that the appreciation of the work depends on its correct interpretation.

But what do you think? Do you want to understand art?

In our picture gallery, we have put together famous works of classical and abstract art. What else could you paint? We are looking forward to receiving your opinions!

1 10 - What is "good" art?     2 10 - What is "good" art?

3 3 - What is "good" art?     4 2 - What is "good" art?

5 - What is "good" art?     6 1 - What is "good" art?

7 - What is "good" art?     8 - What is "good" art?

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