Learn life drawing and painting

academy lerne akt zeichnen malen 01 - Learn life drawing and painting

Life drawing and painting are about representing the human body in all its shapes and forms. The representation of the naked body is a difficult but, at the same time, enormously important artistic task. You get to know the proportions and the anatomy of the human body and how to portray them. In addition, you have the opportunity to study light and shadow.

In the process, the parts of the body are considered in their structure, their function, and their flexibility and are subordinated to the whole. Nude models have a long tradition in the art of aesthetics of the human body.

In a good atmosphere and in a professional environment, you will learn painting and drawing from a nude model.  You´ll learn this discipline in the traditional sense, regardless of the tool you´ll use, which could be pencil, charcoal or oil paints. The course includes drawing exercises and the sketching of different poses, as well as, a long-term study of the human body.

All this leads to a better understanding of the human body.


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