Interview with our teacher Cornelia Wi

academy cornelia wi 01 - Interview with our teacher Cornelia Wi

Workshops, full-time study, part-time study? – These are all options offered at our Academy. But who is behind all this? Do you already know our teachers? We are going to introduce to you one of our teachers: Cornelia!

Cornelia, what do you do when you’re not at the Academy?

I visit Frankfurt or I get acquainted with my new home.

What feelings do you want to create on the viewers of your artworks?

Curiosity for the people in the picture, and also delight for the beauty of the colors and the brush stroke.

Which is your favorite country and why?

I do not have a favorite country. I like Europe in general, with its different cultures and languages.

What has been the highlight of your week so far and why?

The trimester at the academy has started again and there is a lot of fresh energy and optimism in the air. I like that.

How do you spend your first hour of the day?

I slowly get up, eat my muesli and drink my black tea, then I buy a croissant at the bakery and go by bike to the academy.

What do you like most about your job?

To see how the students develop in their studies and then enjoy their own progress.

Where have you been working so far?

In Zurich (Switzerland), Madrid & Barcelona (Spain), Cape Town (South Africa), and in Richmond VA (USA).

What will be your next project?

That´s still a secret.

How much time do you spend on your art?

Actually, I always do something regarding or related to art.

 What Is Your Favorite Artwork and Why?

Three years ago, the Kunsthaus Zürich put in comparison the works of Egon Schiele and Jenny Saville. Both are concerned with the representation of people during their epoch. The dialogue or the fight between the pictures moved me very much.

Who is your role model in art? Why?

On the shore of Lake Zurich stands the large sculpture “Heureka” by Jean Tinguely (1925-1991), a Swiss artist. I practically grew up with it. The aesthetics of the sculpture in the park and the repetition of the machine fascinated me.

That was our interview with Cornelia Wi. Take a look at our interview with Augustin.


academy interview cornelia heureka 01 - Interview with our teacher Cornelia Wi

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