Why do I need an art portfolio?

Unbenanntx - Why do I need an art portfolio?

You often hear the term art portfolio. But what is an art portfolio? What’s in an art portfolio? … and especially what do I need it for?

Let´s say you want to apply at a university or college to study graphic, game or fashion design, art education, or illustration. The purpose of a portfolio is to give an overview of your ideas, concepts, practices, and potential and it is fundamental for the recognition test.

The point of the art portfolio is to give an insight into your work, to demonstrate your capabilities and personal style. It´s your occasion to show how active and experimental you are in the design: Which presentation techniques/media are used? Is there like a recurring theme throughout the art portfolio? In other words, what kind of person is behind it?

What does an art portfolio contain?

Before selecting pieces, it’s best to check the requirements for each course. Depending on what you want to study, you decide what to include or not.

  • If you wish to study art then you should include about 10 to 20 sheets of realistic sketches and drawings (reproduction of human beings, animal, still life or landscape), which show that you can put into practice what you see or imagine.
  • 2-3 works that fall out thematically (for example, a study with oil paints, watercolor or ink), or a sketchbook with nude, portrait, body parts, a study, that provide an interesting alternation.
  • typography is central if you wish to study game design
  • whereas to study fashion design a sense of size and proportions, shapes and colors are required.

It is not about “professional” works of art, but about the discipline, the versatility and the approach of the person; how he/she perceives the environment around him/her and links it to his/her ideas.

How to make an awesome art portfolio for college or university?

In addition to the candidate’s potential, the selection criteria include information on whether and where the applicant attended a preparation course on how to make a portfolio. It is, therefore, highly recommended to inform yourself about courses, which focus on proper techniques and can give you intensive training and professional consultation. Ideally, you should also have a fresh perspective, because creativity is appreciated and encouraged. Should you have any further question, will be pleased to assist you!


Skizze Irina 300x225 - Why do I need an art portfolio?


Source: Illustration Folders: Photo: Raisa Galofre; Sketch: Irina Giallongo

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