How to juggle family, work, and study? Student interview with Pamela

Bild Pamela - How to juggle family, work, and study? Student interview with Pamela

We interviewed our students Pamela, Irina, and Nelli to give you an impression of our Academy.

In this student interview, you will learn a lot about the experiences and impressions of our student Pamela. She gave us a brief insight into her student life. Thanks a lot for this! I hope you will enjoy reading it.

About her

After graduating, I attended a two-year drawing course, given by a Croatian painter. After that, I completed a photo training. Afterward, I studied linguistics and then attended a course of study at the technical college in Berlin in the field of printing and media technology with a focus on communication. Following that, I studied at the private Film Academy in Berlin and worked in the film and music video production until my children were born. For some time, my job was to be a mum and a housewife. But then I started again to work part-time in the office of a construction company. Since 2017 I am a part-time student at the Academy of Fine Art.

Why are you at the Academy?

Because my destiny brought me here. I see studying at the Academy as the missing puzzle piece that I have now found 😊 What I mean by that is that I have always drawn. I have always been artistically supported by my parents, which was probably also because they are artists themselves. Art has always played an important role in our family.

However, even when I was very young, I was more interested in classic and figurative realism. I loved to draw people. I had a book on free climbing in my early teens and was fascinated with the anatomy of the climbers, I remember I was really interested in observing the muscles of the climbers hanging on the rock walls. As regards life drawing, my poor sister was the victim I chose to practice.

Now I am where I have always wanted to be. It feels like I´m home. Finally.

How did you find out about the Academy?

I saw a poster, and it really caught my attention!

How do you finance your studies?

At the moment, with the support of my husband, who also wants to promote me, he knows my dream.

How often are you here?

18 hours a week.

Career aspirations. What would be your dream job?

Nothing in particular. I can actually see myself doing the most different things. It doesn´t matter whether self-employed or hired. I’ve just started studying and I can see now, that there are more possibilities than I initially thought.

Also the digital field, for example, opens up a totally new market that is growing daily and in Germany is expanding very rapidly. How exciting!

The industry of advertising and graphics is also nowadays much more interested in things which are hand-made produced, unique and not just reproduced and transformed. It really scares me that there are art students who have never drawn life drawings, portraits or still life throughout the course of their studies. It seems like there are not enough schools offering it or none at all.

At the moment I can only say that I would like to work in such an artistic environment as the one you can find here at the academy. With like-minded people. I want to wait and see what the future brings.

What does a typical Academy-day look like?

I arrive. I drink tea. I put the headphones on. I start drawing. I talk with one of the teachers to plan the day. I draw. I draw. I drink tea. I choose another song list. I draw. More drawing.  I scream (inside). I cry (inside). I draw again. I comfort someone. I draw. More of the same thing.  I´m happy. I drink tea. I draw. I draw. I´m happy for someone else other than me. I draw. Constructive criticism from the teacher. I eat. I chat. I draw. I plan the rest of the day with one of the teachers. I draw and draw. Final criticism with a possible plan for the next day.  I pack things. I clean up. Hope to not forget to wipe the charcoal off of my face, so that people on the train are not going to look at me as if I were crazy. I drive home.

What do you do in your free time?

I study at the Academy of Fine Art and I practice sport.

What does art mean to you?

Art is the language of emotions.

How do you like the Academy, how is the atmosphere here?

These are all my people! No matter how old or what they do and how long and how much they study here! Here I find peace, respect, affiliation, a lot of non-verbal communication, no theatre, just sincere and open people 😊

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