My internship at the Academy of Fine Art

Sophie2 - My internship at the Academy of Fine Art

Many students ask themselves the same question that I have been asking myself for the last months of the 10th grade. “What’s next?” I knew it was too early for me to start a vocational training and I also knew that I wanted to do something creative. I am happy to say now, that the decision I took was the right one.

After I took my high school diploma, I decided to start a vocational baccalaureate diploma with a focus on design. As for any vocational baccalaureate diploma, I needed to do a one-year internship. So, two days a week, I would work in a company, specialized in design.

While my parents and I were thinking about what I could do after school, we found out about the Academy of Fine Art. My mother´s idea was for me to start studying there. But when I decided to go to a technical college, then we arrived at the conclusion that it would be better to do an internship at the Academy. Because what would be better than a school for realistic drawing and painting? Therefore, I applied and was accepted.

In most vocational baccalaureate diplomas, students go to work in a company three days a week and only two days they go to school. The reason why it is the other way around for me is that at the Hochtaunusschule in Oberursel the third practical day takes place at school.

On the 1st of August 2018, I started my internship. Right from the beginning, I was in charge of the Instagram account of the Academy together with another one-year-intern, with whom I am now a good friend. For instance, we have taken pictures of some students, then we had to edit the photos and upload them daily or sometimes we even made videos. This was often a lot of fun and you can also find some pictures of me on our Instagram feed.

Part of my job was also selling materials in the Academy. When a student needed something, it was my job to write down who bought what and, in case, to give the materials to the student. I sold or lend to new students all the materials they may need and I helped them feel at ease in the Academy. I kept clean and tidy all the theory documents or the drawing templates. Since we also have students and teachers who do not speak German, I even sometimes translate for them during classes. Of course, you have to know the technical vocabulary regarding painting and drawing. For this reason, I learned these terms right from the beginning, so that I could understand what the teachers were explaining to the students and I was able to acquire the techniques myself.
I frequently drew and improved my skills.
Drawing was the thing I liked the most, but I also really enjoyed making the casts white again after they got too dirty from the charcoal was always a lot of fun. At the Academy, for example, I also learned how exhausting it is to produce oil paint by yourself.
Of course, I also sat at the computer to prepare documents for theory lessons, or to write notes or to help with the Final Critiques before the end of a trimester.

I have learned so many things. I have improved my drawing skills and I have gained valuable experience. Furthermore, what I have learned here is very helpful even in school.
The working atmosphere has always been very pleasant, and the people are open-minded and friendly. For me, the internship here at the Academy has been perfect and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the same situation as I was one year ago. I have always enjoyed being here and am also a little bit sad that this year has passed by so quickly.

Sophie1 300x225 - My internship at the Academy of Fine Art

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