One-Year Internship?

1 9 - One-Year Internship?

If you failed to pass the German Abitur (the final secondary school exams) or to finish the secondary school and you decided to earn a vocational diploma instead, then the one-year internship is the perfect solution for you!


  • 11th/ 12th grade should be successfully completed
  • There should be no interruption or change of study during the one-year internship
  • For the recognition of the internship, you should enter into a contract with the company, which has to be registered in the list of internships.

Goals of the internship are:

  • It is a chance to prepare yourself for working life
  • It is a possibility to reconsider or confirm your choice
  • It helps you orientate your way through the maze of course studies
  • It also promotes team spirit and that is also important in your working life in the future

2 9 - One-Year Internship?

Interview with the intern Phuong, who is absolving her one-year internship here at the Academy

What are your specific tasks here at the academy?

I am responsible for the Instagram account of the academy and I take pictures with my phone or with a camera. Furthermore, I take care of the purchase and sale of school material, I prepare the exhibition for the plans of the week and sometimes I lead the students through the academy.

How did you become aware of the academy? Why did you decide to come here?

My sister has done her internship here as well. Another aspect that influenced my choice, is my big interest in art and I also wanted a balance between everyday business and art.

Do you feel at home here? How quickly did it happen?

I felt at home here relatively soon.

How would you describe the atmosphere and how do you deal with others at the academy?

It´s very relaxed and calm here. Everyone is very open-minded and there is a good relationship between us, the teachers and the students.

Will the internship help you later in your career choice?

Yes definitely, one has a good insight into all fields.

Have you felt a development since you have been here?

Yes, I have learned a lot, especially how to draw realistically. This is taught quite differently in schools and a big difference is clearly noticeable here. You actually learn something new every day and now I also know what I want to do later.

Would you recommend this internship to students who are in the same situation as you were?

Yes definitely!

If this has awakened your interest, you can apply here for a one-year internship in the field of design:

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