3D Artist

3D artist – virtual painting and drawing

Make a successful start as a 3D artist – with our support!

When applying for your education or job you will need to provide samples of your work, like drawings, paintings, sketches and other works of art. 3D artists may also show animated videos or web projects. The Academy of Fine Art Germany can support you in achieving a high quality in your works and therefore reaching your personal goals!

3D artists create immersive environments, objects and whole worlds – offering new perspectives

3D characters, landscapes and impactful animated videos. We could no longer imagine movies, video games, commercials, product presentations etc. without virtual and 3D-rendered objects. Furthermore: Medicine, science, engineering, the construction industry, etc. all rely on three-dimensional renderings for use in research, project management and marketing. Technical drawings are being turned into VR-applications for visualizing science projects, architecture, landscapes, productions plants and machines. Various tools, like professional animation software is used to process content and information into an attractive virtual product. As a 3D artist, you will learn how to use those tools. But to be successful, you will need experience and skills in drawing and painting before you start your education. We can provide you with those skills!  


Your occupation as a 3D artist

Visualization and animation are core elements of the movie-, TV-, commercial- and gaming-industry. The various fields of applications are constantly conquering new lines of business. The demand for skilled experts is growing by the day.

As a 3D artist, you can work permanently employed, as a freelancer or even start your own business. Working in this field means: Creating and modelling 3D graphics and animation. Maybe you will be crafting hordes of orcs, send elves and dwarves to war, or enable superheroes and -villains to destroy whole cities – nothing is impossible in video games and movies. As a 3D artist, you will bring to life fantastic creatures, places and worlds.

Have a look at the 2015 3D Animation student showcase by the online school Animation Mentor. It offers a glimpse into the world of a 3D artist.

Skills of a 3D artist – start enhancing those early

3D artists have to meet very high expectations. When portraying landscapes, environments, objects and characters, you must have knowledge about proportions, shapes, light and shadow, tonality, composition and how to achieve a three-dimensional effect, using a 2D medium.

You must be able to visualize facial expressions, body structure, clothing and movements.

The best way to reach this level of expertise is to start out on a piece of paper or canvas. We can help you, learning the basic skills of realistic painting and drawing, which will be a huge advantage. After you have mastered those abilities you will start working in the virtual realm.

The fundamentals of painting and drawing are an important basis for working as a 3D artist.

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How to become a 3D artist?

If you are planning on studying, keep in mind that you already need proof of your artistic abilities, when applying. Those abilities will determine your success during your training and later in your job.

The focus during your education will be on design and animation. After creating vivid objects and sceneries you will work on bringing them to life. The basic skills in drawing and painting won’t be part of this education. You must bring those abilities with you already. We can support you gaining these skills!

We have created a list of schools and universities, at which you can study 3D art:


Artistic creativity conveyed through visualization
Proportions, perspectives, light and shadow, colors and 3D-effects
Stand out using your creativity and artistic skills