As a private institution we must finance ourselves. We are getting no financial support from the state like universities or other schools.

Why is it like that?

Accreditation costs a lot of money. Moreover, we must adapt a special program.
That would mean we would not be able to teach the realistic drawing and painting so intensive anymore. This is why we are looking for art lovers who recognize good quality and want to invest in them.

Invest in the quality of German art education.

How can you help?

There are various ways in which you can support us as an art sponsor, whether private or as a business.

Option 1: Students

Option 2: Teaching materials

Option 3: "painting as desired" commissioned work

1. Student: Studying costs money. This sometimes makes the students life difficult.

You want to help a talented person to fulfil his dream and accompany him on his/her artistic path? How about a sponsorship? You will get to know the student, his goals and performance and support him on his way into the great world of artists.

You are not sure? How about support a student by getting a drawing or painting. On that way the student can earn some money and you have the benefit of high-quality student work. We are happy to advise you and find a way to support a student.


... and who knows, maybe the student will become a popular artist ....

2. Teaching materials

Good artwork needs good materials. We always have a long material list which is a must to train the students on a high level. There are easels needed, drawing boards, lightning systems, sculptures, .....  If you want to support the academy with needed material you are welcome. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call and we can talk about the possibilities.

3. "painting as desired" - commissioned work

Together with our professionally trained teachers, we develop your personal artwork. After a discussion about different ideas, the artist makes some sketches. After your go, your work can soon be hanged and seen on the wall. Do you have any questions?
Let us know and arrange a personal appointment! We look forward to get to know your own ideas!