Agustín Incicco (Teacher)

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Agustín Incicco (Teacher)

Agustín was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1973.
He is the son of a family with both, Italian and Spanish background and he grew up by the large Paraná River, one of the biggests in South America.

Agustín started sutdying Antrhopology, but then a sailing trip on a very small boat through the North Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean and accross the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to Brasil changed his life completly.
This experience made such a strong impact in him that from that moment he decided to dedicate himself to the Arts .

From 1996 to 2001 he studied and finished his Fine Arts Degree at the University in Argentina.
During the following years he was combining traveling and Art.

In 2004 Agustín settled in Barcelona where he continued his studies at Massana and Arts i Oficis schools, and became a member to the Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc.
For some time he studied Fresco Painting in Florence, Italy.
He then specialized in Accademic Drawing and Painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

Agustín has been a teacher and a Coordinator for the “Drawing and Painting Intensive Program”at the Barcelona Academy of Art, during two years.
In 2017 Agustín taught Drawing in the Universitat Ramon Llull, for the Digital Animation Program.
He has been also teaching workshops in Barcelona, Gibraltar and Switzerland.

Currently Agustín is teaching Drawing and Painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Bad Homburg, Germany.