Gerard Millet (Teacher)

Gerard perfil byn - Gerard Millet (Teacher)

Gerard Millet

Gerard Millet was born in Barcelona and began his artistic studies studying illustration in “l’escola Llotja de Barcelona”. There he discovered
his passion for drawing and painting and decided to continue his studies to work from a more artistic point of view. After studying a year
painting in “L’Escola Massana”, he decided that he needed to improve
his technical knowledge of drawing and painting. This is how the year
2015 began to study at the Barcelona Academy of art.
There he was three years and he learned the secrets of drawing and
painting, of the human figure and he learned always working from life.
At that time he participate some collective exhibitions, and his work
was acquired by several private collections. In the last year he was an
adjunct professor at the Barcelona Academy of art, and I participated as
a teacher in several workshops.
In 2016, Gerard was fortunate enough to be able to work at Tallers Castells, an important theatrical and cinematographic scenography workshop, where he was able to collaborate on several projects such as Dagoll Dagom’s Scaramoushe backdrops.
In the workshop he learned from the hand of master Jordi Castells the
technique of backdrops painting and the day to day of a professional
He is currently a professor at the Academy of Fine Art in Germany teaching drawing and painting.


• Higher Degree in Illustration, “Escola Llotja de Barcelona “. 2009 - 2012

• Higher degree of arts applied to the wall, “Escola Massana de Barcelona “2013 -

• Graduated in the drawing and painting program, “Barcelona Art Academy”.
2015 - 2018.

Exhibitions :

• 2014 - Collective exhibition: “Contest of painting in memory of Sebastià Badia”.

• 2015 - Collective exhibition “11 Climent Muntcunill Roca Award for young artists

• 2015 - Collective exhibition by the three finalists of the drawing prize of the Güell Foundation in Barcelona at the “Sant Lluc Art Center”.

• 2016, 2017 Collective exhibition at the Academy of Barcelona.

Projects as a scenographer:

• Participation in the painting of the heels for “Scaramouche” by “Dagoll Dagom
at the Castells Workshop

• Participation in the construction and painting of the decoration for “Gente Bien”
by “La Cubana” at the Castells Workshop

• Participation in the creation of the “Art” by “Flotats” at the Castells Workshop.

Prizes and scholarships:

• Selected finalist for the scolarship in “Güell Foundation” Drawing Grant 2015.

• Scholarship for the 2016-2017 course in Barcelona Art Academy

Artistic works in collections:

• Female nude in Barcelona Art Academy, Barcelona.

• Other works in private collections.