Philosophy & Goals

The Academy of Fine Art Germany was founded in 2014. Since then we developed a study programme where students can build a strong and professional knowledge not only in techniques but also in the understanding. We want our students to be confident and able to draw and paint whatever they have in mind. Therefore our students have passion are motivated and understand the perfectionism we teach them. Our biggest goal is to train our students on the highest level possible. We want to bring back the importance of drawing and paintings to Germany.

But if nobody knows you, your art work will not be found – no matter how good you are. That is why we also teach marketing as well as some topics in contracts, finance and law. Another important aspect is a good community and atmosphere. We know that the students are working hard everyday that is why we want them to feel comfortable.
"The climate at the academy is super relaxed and absolutely familiar. We as students get treated from our teachers very personal and sensitive. They never make us feel inferior. " (Max, Student)

Our teachers and students are coming from all over the world. That of course creates an international and exciting exchange between different people having the same interests.