Student Life

Study, job or internship? These are possible options on how to go after school. We asked our students what their path looked like and how’s student life at the Academy.

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Max ,19 years, fulltime student, 3rd trimester

"I was on vacation with my parents when I realized, I wanted to do something with art"

Max, 19 years old from Niederkassel. He found his enthusiasm for art on an artist market during a holiday in Berlin. Here he bought a work that fascinated him so much that he painted it a few times at home. With this new passion, he was looking for a way to implement the passion in a study. He wanted to get to know theoretical content as well as practice."I was looking for something where I could learn to paint and draw realistically and was surprised that there is such a school in Germany".

After finishing his school, he started studying at the Academy. He is able to attend the academy with the financial support from his parents. But he also works on the weekend. His goal is to become a teacher at an academy and where he can teach what he learned. Even in his free time, art occupies a lot of his time.
In addition to his studies, he always tries to understand new things, to acquire techniques and implement things. „Again, and again I deal intellectually with drawing process”.  His Academy everyday life is always similar. First, making a cup of coffee. Then sharpening the coal and get prepared. After that he starts with his work. Small breaks are sometimes necessary, but the head is mostly at work. "The climate at the academy is relaxed and absolutely familiar. We as students are on the same level with our teachers - at least during the break. But the professional artistic difference gets smaller every day“ .



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Nelli, 23 years part-time student

“You are meeting people with different interests. We are discussing a lot of things especially what connects us: the art. Every time I am here I enjoy it.

"Mostly the day at the Academy starts with a cup of coffee. We are talking privately but also about our projects here. It is special that every student is working on different projects. On the contrary - all have different conditions and preferences, which are reflected in the selection of projects. In the project decision, our teachers provide advice; this leaves enough room for freedom of choice. The choice of objects, their arrangement and overall composition - for example in a still life project – which is chosen by students. This opens design possibilities and offers an individual connection to the result - the artistic work. During the process, we receive help and advice of both technical as well as content. The teaching is individually and very personal; this give room to develop in a more relaxed atmosphere.
The teachers walk around every hour and give help and advice. Depending on your needs, you can always get a teacher more often if there are questions. After lunch, a model often arrives. The afternoon turns into the study of human anatomy and figurative classes. You are always getting to know many people because part-time, full-time and sometimes workshop participants are there at the same time.  If you need a break you can have look what each students is doing. This is great as it not only gives you the possibility to rest a bit from your work it offers also great exchanges. You then learn to see things from another point of view. The day at the Academy ends with cleaning my brushes, palette and, of course me. "

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Pamela – part-time student

“Now I am there, where I ever wanted to be. It feels like coming home. Finally.”

“Arriving. Drinking tea. Put on the head-phones. Draw. The first conversation with the teach discussing the plan for today. Draw. Draw. Drinking tea. Choosing other music on the phone. Draw. Draw. Scream (silently). Cry (silently). Draw. Draw. Comfort someone. Draw. Draw. Be happy. Drinking tea. Draw. Draw. Be happy for someone. Draw. Teachers critique. Lunch. Chatting. Discussing next plan with the teacher. Draw. Draw. Finally critique for the day and getting advice for tomorrow. Pack my stuff. Clean up. Hopefully not forgetting the get rid of the charcoal in the face as everybody will look strange in the subway. Getting home.




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Irina – part-time student

“At the moment I have the feeling doing exactly what I always wanted to.”

The day normally starts with some funny chats in the Academy kitchen. Sometimes we are having breakfast together before we start with our projects. Until lunch everybody works fully concentrated on their drawings and paintings. At the moment I am drawing with charcoal in the cast room. I share the room with two other students who have grown to my heart. Before I start working I remember the last steps I have done and also last advice from the teacher. Mostly I talk to the teacher in the beginning and at the end of class. So the teacher knows where I am at the moment and can give me his/her opinion and advice and also an overview how the work feels. At lunch we are sitting outside to get some fresh air so that the eyes can rest. With new energy we then start the model class.