Financing your study can be quite expensive. In addition, to various support measures (have a look at the links), there are some alternatives to finance your study. There are a number of scholarship holders who also provide funding opportunities for private or further education etc.

Among other possibilities, we would like to highlight two of them here:

  1. The Canadian Foundation Elizebeth Greenshield Foundation
  2. The New York Art Renewal Center where we have been accepted as a facility for realistic art education

More options:

In Germany, there are also a number of scholarship opportunities by e.g. companies. Just have a look at Google and search for private scholarship providers.

The internet is always a good choice! Crowdfunding is a common tool. Nowadays, there are opportunities to find your own private sponsors for your own study projects. Take a look, for example by Indiegogo and start your call for sponsors:

With a bit of support from your parents and a good part time and/or holiday job, you can also manage it by yourself. We speak from experience - some of our students get along with it very well - read for yourself (Link Max).

Our students have 33 weeks of class a year. That means, that about 20 weeks can be used to earn some money. Even during your studies, you have time to take a part-time job at the weekend or in the evening.

But of course we try to help you as much as we can. Each trimester we will offer some small jobs where you can apply to. They will help you to reduce your tuition fees. After the first trimester, you will receive registrations upon request.