EU-citizens and citizens of Ireland, Norway and Liechtenstein do not need a visa / residence title for specific purposes, if they would like to stay and study / work in Germany. Students of all other countries should approach the Consulate of Germany in their country of origin and ask for the requirements for a student visa application. The processing of a student visa must be made directly by the individual and always from their home country. Please consider the timeframe for the visa application. It can take several weeks.

The Academy of Fine Art Germany can provide the following documents for the visa application to you, if necessary:

  • Study admission
  • Study contract
  • Overview of study fees

Here are some useful links explaining the procedure:

For info about the Schengen Visa have a look at the following link:

To get an overview and a feeling about the living costs in Germany have a look here:

The prices for accommodations are cheaper in Bad Homburg than in Frankfurt. You can find something for monthly rent of about 500 – 600 €. If you are willing to share an apartment with a roommate you can find something for about 300 – 400 €.

We are looking forward to welcome you as a student of our academy!