Learn professional drawing and become an architect!

Architecture is the technical and esthetical pursuit of the subject of built space. The focus of being an architect is on methodical design and construction of buildings. Esthetics and functionality are the main aspects. It all starts with a blank sheet of paper – your first ideas are outlined in form of a sketch and then artistically refined. A 3D object is created using a 2D medium.

The craft of visualizing your ideas must be perfected in order to become a successful architect. The basics of professional painting and drawing must be learned before starting your studies. Working with perspectives, spatial representation, shapes, colors, light and shadow must be your second nature. We can help you learning all these skills to stand out as an architect!

Skills of an architect – start enhancing those early

As an architect, you must have the following skills: Creativity, artistic aptitude, good spatial perception, abstract thinking, discipline, physics and math, technical and commercial insight. If you earned good grades in art and science classes, your chances of becoming a successful architect are pretty high.

In the Academy of Fine Art Germany, you can learn realistic painting and drawing in perfection. You will be able to see things in an esthetic and artistic way, learning the tools to create a special atmosphere. As an architect your goal will be to create meaningful, esthetic and functional buildings, which are meant to last for generations to come. We can provide you with the basic skills needed to get you started.


Studying architecture today

In your architecture studies, you will learn planning, drafting and designing buildings. These will mostly represent a certain region’s culture, economic situation and maybe even climate. The practicability of your design will be equally important as its creativity. Therefore, the basics of structural engineering, management, budgeting and construction law will also be part of your education.

On the other hand, the craft of visualizing your ideas, using painting and drawing won’t be subject of your studies. It is assumed that you have these skills already! With our help, you can bring your drawings and paintings to a professional level, before applying for your architecture studies.

Job als Architekt

Your job as an architect

Many architects start their own business. You will e.g. work as a construction manager, project leader, property developer, location auditor or maybe as an environmental analyst. Your clients will be cities and districts, industry leaders, architect offices or housing associations. You may be starting as a local, down-to-earth architect, but there’s a chance for you to have a career in the international field of architecture. Just like Sir William Chambers, Gustave Eiffel, Leon Battista Alberti or Zaha Hadid!




Your successful start as an architect – Improve your portfolio

When applying for your education or job you will need to provide samples of your work, like drawings, paintings, sketches and other works of art.

The Academy of Fine Art Germany can support you in achieving a high quality in your works and therefore reaching your personal goals!

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Artistic creativity conveyed through visualization
Proportions, perspectives, light and shadow, colors and 3D-effects
Stand out using your creativity and artistic skills