Creativeworld 2017 – Kremer Pigments

academy creativeworld 2017 kremer pigmente 01 - Creativeworld 2017 - Kremer Pigments

In this video, we present you the company Kremer pigments. Among other things, CEO David Kremer and our teacher Ricky are going to show you how to make oil paint by yourself, because that’s easier than you think!

Creativeworld 2017

academy creativeworld 2017 01 - Creativeworld 2017

We are today at the Creativeworld 2017 in Frankfurt with our camera team. This is the biggest and most impressive fair for art supplies. We collected impressions and conducted interviews for you. Among our respondents, there were well-known manufacturers and brands such as Winsor & Newton, Kremer Pigments, Golden, Fleur and many more. We wanted […]

Speed painting: giraffe

academy speed painting giraffe 01 - Speed painting: giraffe

“I bless the rains down in Africa” ​​Our teacher Ricky shows you how to paint one of the most famous inhabitants of Africa. Take a look at our post: “Sight-Size method”.

What is “good” art?

academy klassische malerei 09 - What is "good" art?

A passionate and controversial debate in art is the question of what art actually is. Since the field of art is huge, we only want to take into consideration painting in this article. Is art – or more precisely painting – a craft that has to be mastered? The following question may be: Can you […]

6 tips for oil painting

academy malen mit oel 02 - 6 tips for oil painting

Practical tricks with which you can work better Oil painting is one of the most popular painting techniques and is regarded by many artists as a supreme discipline. No wonder, because the oil paint (usually linseed oil) has some tricky properties that beginners have to learn properly. That´s why many amateur painters shy away from […]

Artists and their silent assistants

academy malen leonardo da vinci 01 - Artists and their silent assistants

That´s how many great artists used to paint For connoisseurs of the art scene, it is a perfectly normal fact, but for many, who don´t work in the field, it often sounds surprising: The works of many great artists – old as well as contemporary – often are not fruits of their labor. On the […]

Realism vs. Naturalism – what is the difference?

academy landschaftsmalerei 07 - Realism vs. Naturalism - what is the difference?

And what exactly are photo-realism and three-dimensional painting? Some terms in art often cause confusion and are sometimes used interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing. What, for example, is the difference between realism and naturalism? We are going to explain it to you: Do you want to learn realistic painting & oil painting, […]