Study art in Germany

academy cast zeichenkurs 01 - Study art in Germany

You can finally study realistic painting and drawing here in Germany! Those who want to learn realistic painting and drawing, know how difficult it is to find a good art school or art academy in Germany, where you can study realistic painting and drawing professionally. In Germany, there are many public or private art colleges, […]

Titian, master of Venetian painting

academy alte meister tizian 02 - Titian, master of Venetian painting

Realistic painting combined with mysticism and drama! Masterpieces such as “The Woman with a Mirror” of 1515, exhibited in Paris at the Louvre, “Venus and Adonis” of 1554, exhibited in Madrid in the Museo del Prado and “Flora”, dated to around 1515 and held at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence are so impressive that the […]

Still Life – Holi Festival of Colors

academy holi color 01 - Still Life - Holi Festival of Colors

Cool beats, cool people and an exuberant mood! The best part? When everybody starts to throw the dry powdered paint in the air or to each other while the music plays on! Everyone is dancing and having fun when the countdown begins, and everyone gets ready to toss the colored powder into the air and […]

How to turn your love for games into an actual career

academy game designer 01 - How to turn your love for games into an actual career

Make your fantasies a virtual reality by becoming a game designer! Do you enjoy playing video games or coding? Does the idea of creating and designing your own virtual world excite you? If so, we can help you become a game designer! A game designer designs entire worlds. He determines the characters and the rules of the game. Therefore, he needs a great imagination and […]

Live session at Boesner

academy boesner demo 02 - Live session at Boesner

Our live session of portrait painting in oil was a great success! Our live session has aroused a lot of interest. We published the news and only a few days later the tickets were sold out. During our live “performance” the audience was simply enthusiastic. We even draw a sketch live! We have to thank […]

Oil Painting – How to prepare a canvas

academy landschaftsmalerei 02 - Oil Painting - How to prepare a canvas

You have a great idea in your head, and you want to turn it into an oil painting? We’ll show you how to do it professionally! Before it comes to the actual process of painting, you have to pay attention to the choice and preparation of some very important things. We recommend you buy a […]

Realistic Art

academy realistische kunst 01 - Realistic Art

Realistic art has always been fascinating and interesting. We have always sought to imitate nature and thereby learn to see and understand it. In some countries, the interest in the artistic realistic representation has remained constant and has to be considered as part of that culture. On the contrary, in other countries, people are more […]

How to draw the human body?

academy aktkurs zeichnung 02 - How to draw the human body?

Life drawing Artists throughout history have been fascinated with the human figure. Learning to draw the human form can be intimidating. However, the gender or the appearance of the model is irrelevant. These things don´t matter. The whole point of life drawing is a pure confrontation with the human body. It´s about anatomical structure, movement, […]

Drawing for Beginners

academy zeichen grundlagen 01 - Drawing for Beginners

The beginning is always the hardest part. However, we don´t believe that is true for drawing. The top of the mountain can only be reached by climbing the mountain step by step. You like realistic drawings, no matter if portraits, landscapes, nudes or still lifes, but you don´t believe you´d be able to draw yourself? […]

Should I Use Acrylic or Oil Paint?

academy agustin stillleben 01 - Should I Use Acrylic or Oil Paint?

Opinions diverge when it comes to whether is better to use oil or acrylic paints. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll show you the differences so that you can get rid of all the prejudices you may have against oil painting and start using them. Many people believe that painting with oils is more […]