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Learn to draw professionally and become a digital artist

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In most schools and universities your application must include samples of your work. For a digital artist these could be sketches, drawings or paintings like portraits, figure drawings, object studies as well as digital works, including 3D models, photos and screenshots.

The Academy of Fine Art Germany can support you in achieving a high quality in your works and therefore reaching your personal goals!


As a digital artist, you are the creator of complex virtual worlds

You are fascinated by animated movies and high-end video games? You’re dreaming of bringing your own digital worlds and characters to life? Then becoming a professional digital artist is probably a fitting goal. You will create realistic, lifelike landscapes, characters and objects. You will be working on mood pictures, concept art, character designs, complex 3D sceneries and assets.

A digital artist creates digital realms, which are inspired by nature itself. Before learning the tools and skills, needed for this kind of art, you will need to learn professional drawing and painting. This will serve as a foundation for your success in the digital world.

We can provide you with the basic knowledge and expertise to become successful and stand out from others.


Your work as a digital artist

After completing your studies degree, you can e.g. work as a game artist. You will be responsible for the video graphics and for supervising projects from start to finish. Game designers, software engineers, art directors, etc. will all be part of your team.

Your main tasks will be designing characters, objects, landscapes, textures and user interfaces. A digital artist also deals with realistic animation of game characters and objects, as well as the design of facial expressions, body structures and clothing.

Furthermore, you can work in the advertising industry, like the famous digital artist Alberto Seveso. He created many different ad campaigns for Sony, Bacardi, Nikon and other global players. His unique art style lead to the establishment of a new hype in the digital world: The Alberto Seveso effect.

Have a look at Alberto Seveso and his work. Where does he get his inspiration from and how does he realize his ideas?


Skills of a digital artist – start enhancing those early

Most blockbuster movies today are heavily relying on digital effects. A few years ago, there was even an upcoming trend to turn video games into Hollywood movies. The first movies of this kind used real actors and sceneries, which were digitally enhanced or modified. Next came completely digital animated movies, like e.g. the final fantasy spin-offs.

The creative expectations, any digital artist must meet, are very high. The realistic rendering of landscapes, buildings, objects and persons requires a lot experience with: Proportions, shapes, light and shadow, tonality and composition. You must be able to create a three-dimensional effect, using a 2D medium.

Visualizing facial expressions, body structure, clothing and movements are among the skills, which you must master, to survive in this extremely competitive business. The best way to learn these skills, is to start out traditionally with drawing and painting. Therefore, we are offering you different study programs and workshops to enhance your basic skill-set, before diving into digital realms.

In this tutorial video, you can learn how to create digital artworks in the style of Alberto Seveso.


How to become a successful digital artist

When applying for your studies or education, it is very important to have proof of your skills. In most cases, you must show a collection of your previous works. Your artistic talent and skills become your entrance ticket into this world.

Play it safe and learn professional painting and drawing!

These are the top ranked universities, at which you can study digital arts:


Artistic creativity conveyed through visualization
Proportions, perspectives, light and shadow, colors and 3D-effects
Stand out using your creativity and artistic skills