Fashion Designer

Learn to draw clothing and fabric folds and become a fashion designer

Transferring your ideas onto a sheet of paper requires advanced drawing skills. These skills are needed if you want to become a successful fashion designer. No matter if you’re designing clothing, accessories or interior, your job will require creativity and artistic talent. The fundament for all of these tasks is professional drawing and painting. This includes understanding shapes, colors, light and shadow. We can help you learning all these skills to stand out as a fashion designer!

Learn to create hand-drawn sketches
Drawing fabric folds is one of the most difficult artistic tasks
Convey your ideas and thoughts by visualizing them in a three-dimensional way

Upgrade your skills!

Being a successful fashion designer means having a multitude of abilities. This implies knowing how to draw, having an eye for colors and textures and being able to visualize concepts in a three-dimensional way. Of course, you will also need skills in sewing and cutting all sorts of fabrics and materials.

Start enhancing your skills early!

As a fashion designer, you will accompany your own creations from design to production. Furthermore, you can be writing articles for fashion magazines, work as a stylist, or as a costume designer for TV or movie production companies. For these tasks, you will need diverse creative abilities.

frau - Fashion Designer

Fashion designers must know how to draw

From Roberto Cavalli and Wolfgang Joop to Killian Kerner, they will all agree that you will need perfect drawing skills for becoming a successful fashion designer.

Create your fashion portfolio

The selection process for studying fashion design includes presenting your portfolio of selected works of art. Your artistic talent and skills become your entrance ticket into this world.


mode a - Fashion Designer

What makes a good fashion designer

The most important skill can be described as the ability to convey your own ideas, using a visual language. The first impression can be crucial for the outcome of your project.

Have a look at this drawing of the artist Matt Weigle, who also works as a workshop instructor for our Academy. Even the most experienced artists struggle when trying to achieve a realistic drawing or painting of fabric folds. The three-dimensional rendering of different materials, structures and texture, as well as the tonality caused by light and shadow is considered as one of the most difficult tasks in art.

Self-made fashion designer Killian Kerner said in an interview during the Berlin fashion week: “One good thing about being a fashion designer is, that you don’t need to have any sewing skills. I’m a very impatient person, it would take too long for my taste. I need quick results, which I achieve through drawing. Thank god a fashion designer doesn’t need sewing skills.”

It will be a huge advantage, if you know how to draw and paint before starting your education as a fashion designer. Some of the biggest names in the fashion world started their careers by studying at an art school. Roberto Cavalli for example came from a family of artists. His grandfather Giuseppe Rossi’s was a known painter and Roberto studied art in Florence. Wolfgang Joop, on his way to becoming Germany’s most famous fashion designer, was concerned with art a lot.

Besides practical skills, what really makes a good fashion designer is the ability to set new trends. You must deal with individual characters and preferences. This implies, that you are open-minded to old and new ideas and have knowledge in history, art and philosophy.

Through studying at the Academy of Fine Art Germany, you will not only improve your practical skills and drawing technique. We will teach you to understand classic and modern art itself and use your own creativity to create something completely unique. By learning to draw and paint you will have the fundament knowledge and experience you will need for starting out in the fashion world. Fashion design includes many different professions. For all of these you need the same qualifications: Drawing, designing, having an interest in shapes and colors, creativity, discipline and thinking out of the box.

All of these abilities can be learned and enhanced, when studying at our Academy.