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Learn professional drawing and become a graphic designer

When planning to become a successful graphic designer, you should be equally skilled in using pencil and brush as wells as digital drawing and painting tools. Furthermore, you should have a high degree of creativity, otherwise it will be impossible to compete in this field.

At the Academy of Fine Art Germany, you will learn to draw and paint in a professional, traditional way. Your eyes will be trained to see in an artistic way and you’ll be able to visualize your ideas, using the right tools and techniques.

Skills of a graphic designer – start enhancing those early!


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Studying graphic design today

There are many opportunities to become a graphic designer. These are the top ranked universities and colleges, which offer fitting study programs:

When applying for your studies as a graphic designer, you will have to present a portfolio, which includes selected works of art / design. Also in most cases, there will be an admission exam. The Academy of Fine Art Germany can support you in achieving a high quality in your works and therefore reaching your personal goals!



Your job as graphic designer

Since the late-80s, a graphic designer must deal with digital media and interactive components: printmaking, photography, typography, publishing and illustration are possible fields of activity. Besides visual communication your job will include more and more audiovisual media. Of course, classical print media is still relevant: Books, cards, magazines, brochures, posters etc.

Other possible tasks are: desktop publishing, commercials, branding, corporate design, corporate identity, exhibitions, movies, gaming, and many more. After your education, you can work in advertising agencies, graphic design offices, marketing departments, public relations agencies, media companies, TV studios and stations, or educational institutions.

You may be starting as a local, down-to-earth graphic designer, but there’s a chance for you to have an international career. Just like Milton Glaser, Bob Gill, David Carson, Joshua Brewer, Alan Fletcher or Chipp Kidd!

Watch this inspirational video about Chipp Kidd!

Have a glimpse into the job as a graphic designer. Chipp Kid is a very famous book cover designer. His portfolio website surprises with a rather “unnatural” design, many inspiring interviews and insight into his thoughts through weekly blog posts.

Du erhältst einen Einblick in die Arbeit eines Grafikdesigners. Chipp Kidd ist einer der berühmtesten Buchcover Designer unserer Zeit. Chip Kidd überrascht mit seiner Portfolio-Website jeden Besucher mit dem unnatürlichen Webdesign, vielen inspirierenden Interviews und Einblicken in seine Gedanken über wöchentliche Blog Posts.

Your successful start as a graphic designer – Improve your portfolio

The entry requirements vary for each university and college. Some institutions have their own selection process and will test your artistic skills. Visualizing your ideas is not something you will learn during your studies. You must have certain skills before applying for your education.

We can provide you with the basic skills and techniques, needed to start out as a graphic designer!

Graphic design means using an individual and artistic approach for visualizing information. This info must be provided in an effective, meaningful and comprehensible way. Understanding the “message” must be simplified for its receiver and its impact must be increased.

The term “graphic design” was coined by William Addison Dwiggins (* 1880; † 1956). Before 1922 printers, typographers, graphic artists and designers were mostly the same person. Today graphic design and visual communication are a subgroup of communication design. Previously the fields of application for a graphic designer were focused on print media. Today there are many professions in the digital world, starting with web design and sound design and reaching up to animation design for video games and movie productions.

You will primarily be working on tasks, which are presented to you in text form. Visualizing these in a compressed and figurative way will be as important as delivering the right message. Your creative and artistic skills will be considered as basic requirements. You must have perfect knowledge about proportions, spatial rendering, shapes, colors, light and shadow, and visualizing a 3D object, using a 2D medium.

We can help you learning all these skills to stand out as a graphic designer!



Artistic creativity conveyed through visualization
Proportions, perspectives, light and shadow, colors and 3D-effects
Stand out using your creativity and artistic skills