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Eiichiro Oda manga drawing

1 4 - Eiichiro Oda manga drawing

Eiichiro Oda is a Japanese manga artist, who is best known for his manga series “One Piece”. He was born on 1st January 1975 in Kumamoto. Oda has been drawing since his earlier life and his dream has always been to be a Manga artist. At the age of 17, he won the 44th Tezuka-prize […]

Calligraphy for beginners

blur calligraphy close up 51159 - Calligraphy for beginners

The word calligraphy has its roots in the Greek „kallos“ („beautiful“)  and „graphein“ („to write“). As the name suggests, it means the art of beautiful handwriting! What do you need for calligraphy? The high quality of the materials is  crucial in order to give that magical effect to calligraphy. Therefore, it depends on the quality […]

Is art really a matter of taste?

academy kunst reine geschmacksache 01 - Is art really a matter of taste?

When we look at an impressive painting or watch an amazing movie or listen to a really good song we often say: “That’s real art!” Is art a matter of taste? Because the other half of the population is probably going to say: “That’s not art!” while looking at something they do not understand or […]

How can I make money with my art?

academy von kunst leben 01 - How can I make money with my art?

How can you make money with your art? Who wants to work as a professional full-time artist must be able to earn enough money with his/her artworks to pay the bills. But how is that possible? How can you make money from your drawings and paintings? This is a very common question, that people who […]

Online Course vs. Academy

academy kunstakademie 01 - Online Course vs. Academy

If you want to learn how to paint and draw, you need to use the existing learning resources. Online course or art academy? Those, who are looking for an answer on the internet, will sooner or later find an offer for an online course. But what distinguishes an online course from an art academy? What […]

Is art still considered a profession nowadays?

academy portrait malen oel 01 - Is art still considered a profession nowadays?

The reality with which nowadays most, if not every artist, is confronted when trying to make a living selling their art is, in the best scenario, disbelief, and in the worst one, mockery. Is art still considered a profession nowadays? We live in a meritocracy based on commercial success. Each and every person is just […]

How to develop your artistic style?

academy alte meister gemaelde 01 - How to develop your artistic style?

The question “How do I find my own artistic style?” is probably the question, fledgling artists ask themselves the most. Certain people have a natural affinity for certain activities. There are people, who are talented in mathematics and there are gifted musicians, but no one will be good at something if he/she does not practice. […]

Do you have to be talented to be an artist?

academy stillleben zeichenkurs 01 1 - Do you have to be talented to be an artist?

What does talent mean? Those who love the works of an artist often tend to call the artist “talented”. But what does talent actually mean, and why is this term being used in such an inflationary way, especially in art? How talented do you have to be to be an artist? “I can´t even draw […]

What is “good” art?

academy klassische malerei 09 - What is "good" art?

A passionate and controversial debate in art is the question of what art actually is. Since the field of art is huge, we only want to take into consideration painting in this article. Is art – or more precisely painting – a craft that has to be mastered? The following question may be: Can you […]

VIP in the art scene

academy kunstszene promis 01 - VIP in the art scene

When stars become painters Buying or selling art is a very lucrative market and during the last years, more and more celebrities have started to enter and to be part of this market. Each year several stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Sylvester Stallone attend the art fair Art Basel. But that’s not all: in […]