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Calligraphy for beginners

blur calligraphy close up 51159 - Calligraphy for beginners

The word calligraphy has its roots in the Greek „kallos“ („beautiful“)  and „graphein“ („to write“). As the name suggests, it means the art of beautiful handwriting! What do you need for calligraphy? The high quality of the materials is  crucial in order to give that magical effect to calligraphy. Therefore, it depends on the quality […]

Do you already know Frankfurt?

FFM - Do you already know Frankfurt?

Frankfurt am Main. Main Metropolis. Mainhattan. FFM. With about 736,000 inhabitants, Frankfurt am Main is the largest city in Hessen and the fifth largest in Germany. The city is eclectic. Business, fairs, shopping, on the one hand, culture, coziness, and traditions on the other. Frankfurt is definitely worth a visit. There’s a lot to see. […]

Realism and Photorealism

academy kunst realismus fotorealismus 01 - Realism and Photorealism

In this article, you´ll learn more about the difference between realism and photorealism Quite often, a painting that creates a sense of light, shadow, and shape, or in short, a three-dimensional effect, is defined as “photorealistic.” However, artworks painted in an academic style are by no means photorealistic. A realistic painter seeks to portray the […]

Speed painting: giraffe

academy speed painting giraffe 01 - Speed painting: giraffe

“I bless the rains down in Africa” ​​Our teacher Ricky shows you how to paint one of the most famous inhabitants of Africa. Take a look at our post: “Sight-Size method”.

Caricatures – Then and Now

academy karikaturen zeichnen 01 - Caricatures - Then and Now

Satirical cartoons of Donald Trump and Co. Caricatures are the drawing of a subject in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one, which can be found in newspapers or magazines. Caricatures have always been used to poke fun at film stars, politicians and celebrities. One of the most caricatured politicians at the moment is […]

VIP in the art scene

academy kunstszene promis 01 - VIP in the art scene

When stars become painters Buying or selling art is a very lucrative market and during the last years, more and more celebrities have started to enter and to be part of this market. Each year several stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Sylvester Stallone attend the art fair Art Basel. But that’s not all: in […]

Anatomy in art tattoo

academy cast zeichenkurs 02 - Anatomy in art tattoo

Skull in art tattoo: where does this timeless cult come from? Anatomy in art tattoo has a long tradition, especially the skull. A well-known skull is the classic one of the Jolly Roger, a skull with two crossed bones. This symbol was used by pirates ships in the 17th century. This is a modification of […]

Drawing and painting like the Old Masters

academy alte meister 01 - Drawing and painting like the Old Masters

Drawing and painting like the Old Masters at the Academy of Fine Art Germany The tradition of classical European realistic painting was completely lost in Germany. However, it has recently found its way back to Germany, thanks to the Academy of Fine Art Germany. The tradition passed down from one generation of artists to the […]