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Realism and Photorealism

academy kunst realismus fotorealismus 01 - Realism and Photorealism

In this article, you´ll learn more about the difference between realism and photorealism Quite often, a painting that creates a sense of light, shadow, and shape, or in short, a three-dimensional effect, is defined as “photorealistic.” However, artworks painted in an academic style are by no means photorealistic. A realistic painter seeks to portray the […]

Portrait drawing

academy gesichter zeichnen lernen 01 - Portrait drawing

Portrait drawing is one of the most popular and, at the same time, difficult art disciplines. The possibility to reproduce the image of a person with pencil, charcoal or paint on a two-dimensional surface fascinates artists since the beginning of time. But how do you learn to draw a portrait? If you go to an […]

Sight-size method

academy stillleben zeichnen 01 - Sight-size method

Sight-size refers to a method in which artists position themselves and the easel in such a way that they can paint the subject in exactly the size that it appears in their sight. Sight Size Tutorial Sight-size refers to a method in which you position yourself and the easel in such a way that you can […]

Learn to paint: varnish

academy malen lernen firnis 01 - Learn to paint: varnish

Varnish was traditionally applied to protect paintings from dust, dirt, smoke, etc. The varnish provides a non-porous, protective layer that is removable for conservation purposes; it serves its aesthetic purpose whilst also providing protection. If you like our videos, then subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Which painting surface do you prefer when painting?

academy stillleben malen 03 - Which painting surface do you prefer when painting?

The painting should last forever! When learning to paint is also very important to know the different surfaces, in order to achieve the best possible painting result. The surface also determines how long your work is going to last. There are many different surfaces that you can use and try out. What material do you prefer […]