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DIY Tutorial: How to tone a paper

How to tone a paper - DIY Tutorial: How to tone a paper

Why do I need to tone a paper? There are many reasons why you should draw on a toned paper. At our local art store, you will find a huge selection of papers. These are mostly white. When drawing on a white paper, the brightest areas of the drawing remain as light as the paper. […]

Student interview with Nelli

Nelli - Student interview with Nelli

We interviewed our students Pamela, Irina, and Nelli to give you an impression of our Academy. In this student interview, you will learn a lot about the experiences and impressions of our student Nelli. She gave us a brief insight into her student life. Thanks a lot for this! I hope you will enjoy reading […]

Do you already know Bad Homburg?

BD - Do you already know Bad Homburg?

Our Academy is located in the heart of the Taunus hills, in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe. Here the business life made of congresses and meeting comes together with the charm of a spa town, creating a city which has so much to offer and discover. It is no coincidence that we have chosen this […]

Why do I need an art portfolio?

Unbenanntx - Why do I need an art portfolio?

You often hear the term art portfolio. But what is an art portfolio? What’s in an art portfolio? … and especially what do I need it for? Let´s say you want to apply at a university or college to study graphic, game or fashion design, art education, or illustration. The purpose of a portfolio is […]

Sculpture, Plastic Arts, Plaster Cast? What is the difference?

academy skulpturen casts 01 - Sculpture, Plastic Arts, Plaster Cast? What is the difference?

We often hear the terms sculpture, plastic art and plaster cast. And usually, they are even considered as synonyms. But what do these terms mean? The term plastic arts (French: plastique = art of designing) is the generic term used to describe three-dimensional art, like plastic arts or sculpture, and represents a branch of figurative art […]

Live session at Boesner

academy boesner demo 02 - Live session at Boesner

Our live session of portrait painting in oil was a great success! Our live session has aroused a lot of interest. We published the news and only a few days later the tickets were sold out. During our live “performance” the audience was simply enthusiastic. We even draw a sketch live! We have to thank […]