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Comparative method

academy cast zeichnen 01 - Comparative method

Using the Sight-Size method, the artist draws the subject in the same size as he/she sees it, whereas, the comparative method allows the artist to make the subject smaller or bigger. Although it may be more difficult to get an accurate drawing, this method is much more flexible than the Sight-Size method. You can choose […]

Sight-size method

academy stillleben zeichnen 01 - Sight-size method

Sight-size refers to a method in which artists position themselves and the easel in such a way that they can paint the subject in exactly the size that it appears in their sight. Sight Size Tutorial Sight-size refers to a method in which you position yourself and the easel in such a way that you can […]

Learn to paint: varnish

academy malen lernen firnis 01 - Learn to paint: varnish

Varnish was traditionally applied to protect paintings from dust, dirt, smoke, etc. The varnish provides a non-porous, protective layer that is removable for conservation purposes; it serves its aesthetic purpose whilst also providing protection. If you like our videos, then subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Speed painting: giraffe

academy speed painting giraffe 01 - Speed painting: giraffe

“I bless the rains down in Africa” ​​Our teacher Ricky shows you how to paint one of the most famous inhabitants of Africa. Take a look at our post: “Sight-Size method”.

Anatomy in art tattoo

academy cast zeichenkurs 02 - Anatomy in art tattoo

Skull in art tattoo: where does this timeless cult come from? Anatomy in art tattoo has a long tradition, especially the skull. A well-known skull is the classic one of the Jolly Roger, a skull with two crossed bones. This symbol was used by pirates ships in the 17th century. This is a modification of […]

Oil painting: Tips and Tricks for beginners

academy portraitkurs 02 1 e1529941452700 - Oil painting: Tips and Tricks for beginners

Thanks to oil painting you can create amazing artworks Oil painting has many advantages over other materials such as acrylic. On this regard, you can take a look at our post: “Should I Use Acrylic or Oil Paint?”. In this article, we show you tips and tricks for oil painting. What makes oil painting so […]

How to draw in 3D?

academy kugel zeichnen 3d effekt 01 e1529940788751 - How to draw in 3D?

3D effect – How to make it look real Today we´ll show you how to draw a 3D ball! Our teacher, Ricky Larsson, recorded himself while drawing a 3-dimensional sphere. We hope you´ll enjoy watching and drawing this 3D ball. For more tutorials, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Do you want to learn […]

Realistic oil painting

academy realistische oelmalerei 01 - Realistic oil painting

Realistic oil painting is my passion! It is fascinating to look at an oil painting that is an imitation of nature. Whether it is a still life, or a portrait, or a landscape or an historical event, we like to look at it and to lose ourselves in the feelings that the painting awakens in […]

Still Life – Holi Festival of Colors

academy holi color 01 - Still Life - Holi Festival of Colors

Cool beats, cool people and an exuberant mood! The best part? When everybody starts to throw the dry powdered paint in the air or to each other while the music plays on! Everyone is dancing and having fun when the countdown begins, and everyone gets ready to toss the colored powder into the air and […]