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Learn professional drawing and become a product designer

Fashion, vehicles, machines or furniture – bringing your ideas onto a sheet of paper requires professional drawing skills. A product designer’s job offers many opportunities in different fields of work. Still, the basic skillset needed to be successful stays the same: Drawing and painting as well as having knowledge of shapes, colors, light and shadow. It’ all about conveying your idea. Everything depends on the impression of your graphical visualization.

Our teachers can help you, reaching a very professional level in drawing and painting and preparing you for this profession!


Enhance your skills

Working as a product designer means combining creativity and technology. While your technical knowhow will come from your studies, your creative abilities are required before starting your education. To have a successful career as a product designer you will need to show your artistic skills, by visualizing your ideas.



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Start expanding your skill-set as a product designer

No matter which kind of product you will be designing: A chair, computer mouse, smartphone or the next sports car prototype. It all starts with your drawing tools and an empty sheet of paper. Start enhancing your skills early enough and learn how to render your ideas in a three-dimensional way. In the Academy of Fine Art Germany, you will learn how to handle proportions, perspectives, light and shadow, tonality, color palettes and 3D effects.


A product designer has to meet high demands

Product design, industry design, communication design. All these professions require fundamental knowledge and skills in figurative drawing, two- and three-dimensional rendering, color theory, modelling, illustration and design theory.

Conveying your ideas starts with concept papers and sketches, which will then be worked out as technical drawings and schematics. The last stage of your design will be a model or finished prototype.



Your successful start as a product designer – Improve your portfolio

When applying for your education or job you will need to provide samples of your work in form of a portfolio. In most cases these will be up to 15 uniquely designed products.

The Academy of Fine Art Germany can support you in achieving a high quality in your works and therefore reaching your personal goals!

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Product designer – innovation & business – esthetics, functionality and technology united

Many major companies, like Ford, BMW, Audi, Citroen etc. from the automotive industry, or Samsung and Apple from the media business, are mostly looking for product designers, who stand out because of their advanced skills in drawing and sketching and who can convey esthetics in their designs.

Universities and companies alike require you to have an art education or experience in the field of art.



Have a look at this excerpt from BMW’s design story:

„When we design a car, we start by drawing the car. We want to make sure that the first vision that we have of the car is translated on to paper with basically the movement of the pencil. The movement of the hand describes a line and we make sure then that exactly what we have as a vision is translated in to two dimensions (2D). These two dimensions (2D) are drawings. When we design a car, we focus on a very high quality esthetics. “

Get an insight into the work of a product designer


Artistic creativity conveyed through visualization
Proportions, perspectives, light and shadow, colors and 3D-effects
Stand out using your creativity and artistic skills