Your successful start as a sculptor – Improve your portfolio

When applying for your education or job you will need to provide samples of your work, like drawings, paintings, sketches and other works of art.

The Academy of Fine Art Germany can support you in achieving a high quality in your works and therefore reaching your personal goals!

Sculptors create breathtaking pieces of art

Sculptors are artists, who have the esthetic and technical skills for realistic and three-dimensional rendering of sculptures. If you look monuments like Michelangelo’s David, this is not just some statue to look at in a park, but a contemporary testimony, which will last for generations.



ss 768x512 - Sculptor

Your occupation: Sculpting

Sculptors work in the field of visual art. The qualifications of such artists are paired with artistic skills, as wells as philosophic and social reflection.

Besides working as a sculptor, you could become a teacher at different kinds of schools and academies. You could even be working as an art dealer, or in the field of art- and culture-management.

Since ancient times up till today, sculpting serves as a unique art discipline. Artists who specialize in being a sculptor mostly appreciate the many possibilities this profession offers.

Skills of a sculptor – Start enhancing those early

When working as a sculptor you will bring to life realistic, three-dimensional sculptures, using your technical and artistic abilities and using nature itself as source of inspiration. You need strong imagination for this task and experience with how objects and human bodies behave naturally.

You must have knowledge of proportions, light and shadow, tonality, composition and 3D effects. Visualizing facial expressions, body structure, clothing and movement will become your second nature.

Have a look at this video by Joanna Mozden, in which she crafts a beautiful woman out of clay and water.

How to become a sculptor

You can study sculpting at a university or private art academy. As an alternative, you could choose an education as stonemason or carpenter, which will give you fundamental technical skills. However, you decide, it will be very helpful if you have artistic skills in drawing and painting. At the Academy of Fine Art Germany, we can support you on your way of becoming a successful sculptor.