After your study

End of study what to do?

In our academy, there are different ways to continue the study. To give you the possibility to achieve the highest education, we recommend you after the drawing study, to visit the painting study. You can also specialize in different subjects such as fashion design, illustration; media design or get your Bachelor of fine art. Here, you can definitely see that you have a practical advantage.

You have enough of studying? There are many alternatives…

As you have studied with us the fundamentals in drawing and painting, there are many possibilities to work in different creative jobs. For example, architectural draftsman, illustrators, designers or tattoo artists they all need a fundamentally knowledge in drawing and painting. There are many different creative jobs, in which you can use the learned skills. If you are already a professional, then the learned content will help you as further education. Because we are accreted by the ‘’Hessischen Lehrkräfte Akademie’’, we speak from our experiences. Many teachers, professors, directors use the opportunity to learn the fundamentals in drawing.

Furthermore, storyboarder and conceptartists profit by our lessons, because they can improve their drawing skills and understanding for colors. There are a variety of possibilities, for which you can use the learned skills.