Tattoo Artist

Learn professional drawing and become a tattoo artist!

Body modifications and especially tattoos have been part of the human culture for thousands of years. The art of drawing and painting on the human body is handed down by various cultural groups. Originally tattoos were mostly influenced by religion. Today esthetics and ideologies are the most common subjects. The development of this art has been going through different phases over time. The tattoo culture has since been breaking away from its unfashionable image and has turned into an individual body cult. During the last couple of years this cult has experienced a real boom. Well-known tattoo studios have waiting lists of sometimes over a year. The competition is huge and the customers’ demand has been rising a lot.

Our teachers can help you, reaching a very professional level in drawing and painting and preparing you for this profession!

Skills of a tattoo artist

Being a great tattoo artist, means you must be an artistic creator. The human skin is your canvas. It is a very special but also difficult medium to work on. Your creations are meant to be “ever-lasting”, while adjustments are hardly possible. Therefore, it’s essential to have professional painting and drawing skills, which you can learn here at our Academy.

You will need experience in working with shapes, colors, light and shadow, as well as proportions and perspectives. Through these skills, you can visualize your own and your customers’ ideas and render them in a realistic and three-dimensional way. With our help, you can define your own level of success!



Becoming a tattoo artist

Tattoo artist apprenticeships are not regulated by the government. There are some institutions, which offer basic education, but mostly tattoo artists are trained by experienced masters of the craft. The required training time is also not regulated or specified. How long your education will last, mostly depends on how quickly you will learn the right skills. In most cases, you will also have to pay for your education by yourself. For these reasons, it is essential that you learn professional drawing and painting, before you start your training as a tattoo artist. We are offering education in exactly these skills!

When applying for an apprenticeship, it is very important to have proof of your skills. In most tattoo studios, you must show a collection of your previous works. Your artistic talent and skills become your entrance ticket into this world.

Play it safe and learn professional painting and drawing!

Your job in the tattoo industry

As a tattoo artist, you will mostly be working in a tattoo or piercing studio. Your job starts with consulting your customer, regarding subject and placement of the tattoo. Then you will start designing, either using a template or freely according to your customer’s wish. After transferring the design onto the skin, you will start redrawing the outlines. In the next step, you will be gradually filling out the areas in between.

For all of this you must be perfectly experienced in the basics of drawing and painting, to really take off as a tattoo artist – correctly rendering proportions and perspectives, achieving a realistic three-dimensional look and properly using shadows and color shades.

Maybe you will someday be able to put your artworks onto to the skin of famous celebrities! Wouldn’t it be great to be doing tattoos for Johnny Depp, Ed Sheeran, Adam Levine, Cheryl Cole, Angelina Jolie, Justin Bieber or David Beckham!?

Let us help you get started by training you in the basic skills of realistic painting and drawing.




Artistic creativity conveyed
through visualization
Proportions, perspectives, light and shadow, colors and 3D-effects
Stand out using your creativity
and artistic skills